Frequently Asked Questions

Our company has proved to be one of the best leveling up services in the world. We have great communication and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee success rate with all of our clients. Our services are fast and discreet, and there’s no job that’s too big or too small for us to fulfill.  
We guarantee that the package(s) that you purchase are completed in full. If for any reason we’re not able to complete your purchased package, we will issue you a full refund.
Yes, your account is only handled by the owners and crew leaders in each division that we offer. We don’t acquire any type of information on your account, we appear offline, and we also don’t allow any type of file sharing activity. All of our crew leaders and employees sign terms of agreement that holds them responsible. And if any foul play is suspected, they will be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law which will also result in termination.
Currently we only accept PayPal. We only allow PayPal purchase through Goods & Services. No Friends & Family Payments will be accepted. We accept any seller fees in which we’re both protected under PayPal’s Purchase Protection. 
With most of our games, we’re able to offer customized packages based on your needs. You have a specific request that we don’t offer, you can contact us and we can customize a package just for you. Once we’ve agree upon the request and the pricing, we would then, have you submit an offer under the “Make an Offer” tab listed under all our packages. Once submitted, an email will be sent to us, we’ll accept the offer and an email will be sent to you with a link for you to make your purchase.
Account Recovery is where we log on to your account and complete any packages that you’ve hired us to complete. Carry Mode is where we invite you to come play with our professional gamers right in the heart of the action. Some of our packages are extremely difficult in which we only offer Account Recovery to ensure the package can be completed in a timely manner. 
We do offer Live Stream Viewing for those who wish to view their character while we complete your package.
While all of our services that we offer are 100% legit, we do offer the option to those who would like to utilize our bot services that would allow Instant Prestiges, God Mode, Invincibility, etc.. As a protection to Adept Gaming, we have a “use at your own risk” policy, in which we offer these services strictly for private gaming pleasure; you are responsible for any and all infractions that may occur on your account. We will not be held accountable.  
Our packages require a 24 hour notice for team assembly. Majority of our packages guarantee a 1 to 3 day completion rate.  Extensive custom packages may take any where from 3 to 7 days. The completion rate greatly depends on the amount of time we have access to your account. The more time we have to access your account, the quicker we can complete your request. Our team is great with communicating the amount of time it will take to complete your packages.
We do offer discounts to return customers that sign up on our website and shop within our site. Feel free to ask about our refer-a-friend discount program. Upon referring a friend that purchases a package from us, feel free to ask us for a 10% discount code which is good for you and your friend off your next purchase.