Adept Gaming- Here to Offer you a Power Level 1200+Power Level Character

Please inquire to see what Exotic Weapons and Gear may be available for this Character.

Some accounts we sell may have a Single Character or Multiple Characters

Please feel free to inquire about our inventory to see if we have a particular Character of your choice (Warlock, Hunter, or Titan)

These characters packages are RNG based. Although we can’t guarantee any particular Exotics, there will be some exotics that will come with your character. Feel free to message us if you’re looking for any particular exotic (May incur and additional fee if farming is required)

Upon purchasing a character, you will be given the Gamertag, Email, & Password to access the character. Once you receive your login information, you have the option to change the Gamertag one time for free, and you should also change the password for the login. You’ll also receive the Login Information for the Email & Password that is used under your newly purchased account.

Disclaimer: Due to the amount of sells, certain characters may have a slight wait time to be completed. It’s a first come first serve basis. Inquire which character you’d like and we’ll accommodate you in any way possible.

Please keep in mind the money you’re spending is being spent towards the time and services of professional gamers. We value our time just as you value your money.

Our Guarantee is to complete any service you pay for.

Time of Availability-We’re available from 24/7

7 Days a Week.
Our Services are private and discreet. Feel free to contact us on

Xbox Live:
Orlando Mitchell Gamertag: xBlacknIrishx

Thank you in advance for taking the time to choose Adept Gaming as your #1 Games as a Service Provider.