Magnificent Howl
Rapidly landing two precision shots grants a short period of bonus damage until your next kill or miss.

Adept Gaming- Here to Offer you *Not Forgotten Full Quest Completion*

This package will allow us to grind the Not Forgotten Full Quest which includes:

– Defeat 300 opponents in the Competitive playlist with the Luna’s Howl.
– Reach Glory rank “Legend.”

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This Quest is a sweaty one, so we’ll be completing orders as they come in. Please feel free to inquire the wait and/or completion time for an eta on completion. Thank You.

Our Requirements:
Minimum Level/Light: Level 50 – Light Level 500

Must have the Luna’s Howl to purchase this package.

Must have the Foraken DLC

This is strictly Account Recovery. Upon purchasing you’ll need to send us your login email and password in the “seller notes”.

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Gamertag: xBlacknIrishx

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