Adept Gaming- Here to Offer you the Garden of Salvation Week 1 Completion Raid Jacket.

This purchase is for the physical jacket itself. This jacket has been purchased from the Bungie Store and will be sold and shipped as soon as it arrives. It will take Bungie approximately 3 to 4 months to have the Jacket shipped. You may pre-order this jacket and it will be sent with free shipping to the address that you provide.

**Please note, this Jacket is Brand New and is a size XL. Please inquire if you’d like to purchase a different size. We may or may not have it available for purchase.

Upon purchasing, you will have to wait until approximately February/March before the jacket will be shipped.

Bungie will send out emails containing shipment details a few weeks before the jackets are shipped.

This is a rare chance and opportunity to purchase this jacket, as there were only a limited amount of jackets created for those that completed the Garden of Salvation raid during week 1.

Please feel free to inquire any and all questions you may have before purchasing. Thank you.