Adept GamingHere to Offer you the:

“Destiny Raids Super Blowout Sale!”

(Does Not Include Challenge Mode)
Need some last minute gear before Destiny 2 arrives? Feel free to purchase this package to obtain gear and weapons from your favorite raids.
This Package is Strictly Account Recovery.

This is the Year 3 Level 390 Version for Any 1 Raid of your Choice.

This package is 1 full raid completion of your choice. While this package does not guarantee any challenges, some challenges are completed due to making the raid run smoother.

 We require a 385 Light or higher.

Weapons that are greatly appreciated for usage:
Sleeper Stimulant
Any current light level Raid Weapons & Gear.

We will complete the necessary steps needed to complete this package on Heroic Mode (These drops will be relevant to your current light level)

Please keep in mind the money you’re spending is being spent towards the time and services of professional gamers. We value our time just as you value your money.

Our Guarantee is to complete any service you pay for. Completion time will be 1 to 2 days.

Time of Availability-We’re available 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week.
Our Services are private and discreet. Feel free to contact us on

Xbox Live:

Orlando Mitchell Gamertag: xBlacknIrishx

As of right now we only accept PayPal as the method of payment. *Goods and Services Only*
NO Friends and Family Payments will be accepted.
NO fee for you. The seller pays the fee. Plus, you’re covered by PayPal Purchase Protection.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to choose Destiny Adept as your #1 Leveling Up Service Providers.