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Looking for Armor? Here’s our extensive list of Armor you’ll need to get you where you want to be.

Check out this list. Don’t see what you want? Please inquire for what you want and we’ll sell it to you. We’ll generate a price for whatever you’re looking for. Just ask.

Armor List:
Assassin’s Metal Left Leg
Assassin’s Metal Right Leg
Assassin’s Metal Right Arm // LV 30
Assassin’s Trapper Chest Piece // LV 15
Bolstering Metal Left Arm (+1 Charisma ; Ammo weight reduced by 20%)
Bolstering Raider Right Arm (+25 radiation resistance ; Grants the ability to breathe underwater) // LV 25
Bolstering Robot Right Leg
Bolstering Combat Right Arm (+1 Endurance)
Cavalier’s Assassin Metal Left Leg (Increase AP refresh)
Cavalier’s Assassin BoS Combat Armor Chest Piece (Increase AP Refresh)
Chameleon Combat Armor Right Arm (+1 Intelligence)
Chameleon Combat Armor Left Arm (+1 Endurance)
Chameleon Combat Armor Right Leg // LV 20
Cloaking Marine Armor Right Leg (+1 Endurance)
Exterminator’s Wood Left Leg
Exterminator’s Combat Right Arm (+1 Strength)
Life Saving Marine Armor Chest Piece (+1 Perception ; Food, drink and chem weights reduced by 20%)
Life Saving Metal Chest Piece
Mutant’s Leather Left Arm (+1 Luck ; Reduces damage while sprinting by 15%)
Mutant’s Metal Left Leg (+1 Intelligence ; Become harder to detect while sneaking)
Mutant’s Metal Right Leg
Nocturnal Combat Armor Chest Piece
Poisoner’s Metal Chest Piece (-15% damage from robots ; Ammo weight reduced by 25%)
Regenerating Leather Right Leg // LV 20
Regenerating Leather Right Leg // LV 40
Sentinel’s Leather Right Leg (-8% damage from other players ; +1 Strength)
Sentinel’s Polished Metal Right Arm (+1 Agility ; -8% damage from players)
Unyielding Metal Right Leg
Unyielding Metal Right Leg
Unyielding Robot Left Leg // LV 30
Unyielding Robot Right Arm
Vanguard’s Leather Right Arm (+25 Rad resist)
Vanguard’s Raider Left Arm
Vanguard’s Robot Chest Piece // LV 20
Vanguard’s Wood Left Arm // LV 35
Weightless Metal Left Arm (+1 Perception)
Weightless Metal Right Leg (+1 Endurance ; Weapon weight reduced by 20%)
Weightless Raider Chest Piece // LV 15
Zealot’s Combat Armor Left Leg (+1 Intelligence)
Zealot’s Leather Right Arm (+1 Intelligence ; Junk item weights reduced by 20%)
Zealot’s Metal Chest Piece

Full Armor Sets (all 3 star):
Assassin Sentinel Marine Combat Armor ($120)
Assassin Sentinel BoS Combat Armor ($120)
Mix n Match Assassin Sentinel Armor ($80)
Unyielding Sentinel Combat (BoS) [$120]
Unyielding Cavalier Polished Metal ($100)
Vanguard Sentinel Marine Armor ($120)

Imposter Sheepsquatch Ensemble
Asylum Worker Uniform all colors
Fasnacht Beret
Fasnacht Owl Mask
Fasnacht Old Man Winter
Flight Helmet
Hunter’s Long Coat
Mr Fuzzy Yellow Hard Hat
Mr Fuzzy Hard Hat
Mr Fuzzy Mascot Ensemble
Nuka-World Geyser Jacket + Jeans
Nuka-World Jacket + Jeans
Ranger Hat Clean
Responder Fireman Outfit and Hat
Sack hood with Hoses
Sheepsquatch Mascot Ensemble
Traveling Leather Coat
Tattered Mole Mascot Ensemble
Western Outfit
Western Outfit and Chaps
White Powder Jumpsuit
Whitespring Jumpsuit
White Wolf Fedora
Winter Jacket and Jeans

Rare Paint:
BOS Paladin
BOS Elder

Backpack Mods:




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