Adept Gaming here to offer you the – Pick any 10 (3 ⭐ Legendary Weapons) Package

Looking for high damage weapons? Here’s our extensive list of 3 ⭐ Legendary Weapons you’ll need to get you where you need to be.

Check out this list. Don’t see what you want? Please inquire for what you want and we’ll sell it to you. We sale all sorts of weapons/gear/junk items/power armor plans etc… Let us know and we’ll generate a price for whatever you’re looking for. Just ask. Thanks.

3 ⭐ Legendary Weapons List:

Anti-armor Gatling laser
Anti-armor pipe auto pistol
Anti-armor super Sledge
Anti-armor shishkebab
Assassin’s armor piercing combat shotgun
Assassin’s combat knife
Assassin’s Gatling plasma
Assassin’s powerful automatic combat rifle
Assassins armor piercing combat shotgun
Assassins power fist
Bloodied 50 cal machine gun
Bloody fire axe
Bloodied flamer
Bloodied Hardin handmade
Bloodied lead pipe
Bloodied light machine gun
Bloody machete Four starred
Bloodied super Sledge 40% faster swing speed
Bloodied super Sledge 40% more power attack damage
Executioners grognak’s axe
Exterminators automatic laser pistol
Furious grognak’s axe 40% faster swing speed
Furious power fist
Furious tesla rifle
Furious grognak’s axe 40% more power attack
Furious Harpoon Gun
Ghoul Slayers grognak axe
Instigating m-79 grenade launcher rifle
Instigating mole Miner gotlet
Mutants power fist
Suppressors boxing glove
Two shot 50 cal machine gun
Two shot automatic Tesla rifle
2 Shot black powder rifle
Two shot combat sniper rifle four starred
Two shot Gatling gun
Two shot Gatling laser
Two shot hard and handmade
Two shot hardened lever action
Two shot hardened piercing 10 mm pistol
Two shot hardened piercing 10 millimeter submachine gun
Two shot Harding pump action shotgun
Two shot refined pump-action shotgun level five
Two shot severe Western revolver
Two shot the Dragon
Two shot vicious Gatling laser
Two shot vigorous combat rifle
Vampire single action revolver
Vampires Western revolver
Vampires boxing glove
Vampires death Tambo
Vampires fire axe
Vampires grognak’s axe
Vampires super Sledge
Vampire deathclaw gauntlet
Vampires salvaged assaultron head
Zealots lever action rifle

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