Adept Gaming– Here to offer you our premium level up service for Warframe. We’re extremely pleased and excited to be able to offer our services on here just as we were on all your other favorite games. Our Professionals are working immensely hard to provide #1 Service at the same low compatible prices as we always have. Please stay tuned for more of our Custom Built Packages to come! Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page Warframe Adept

**Note This Package is Account Recovery or Pilot **

( 1 to 2 Week Completion Depending on How Many Planets Needed to unlock)

Time of Completion for Pilot Mode would depend on the time schedule to be worked out.

**What’s Included**

New to the Warframe Gaming Environment?

Confused about Where to Start?

Need a Taxi Service to Help you Along The Way?

We can do the Quest alongside with unlocking the Planets, but there will be an Additional Fee. (Please Inquire)

This is a great starter package that will allow you to unlock all the segments to travel about throughout the planets as you so choose. Here’s a list of all the planets that our Taxi Service will Guide you Through.

**We can pro-rate the package if you’ve got some planets unlocked. Send us a message for custom pricing**

Nav Segments are components for the player’s Landing Craft that allow the Tenno to gain access to planets within the Solar Map.

*Note- As we navigate through the planets, the level caps of the bosses will increase. Below is the level caps within each planet. These levels are not the exact levels. They’re just levels to indicate a broad spectrum on where the levels should start.

Earth 1-25

Mercury 1-7

Venus 6-20

Mars 6-20

Jupiter 11-25

Saturn 11-19

Sedna 16-32

Phobos 16-32

Uranus 21-37

Europa 21-37

Eris 26-42

Neptune 26-40

Ceres 31-47

Pluto 31-45

Void 40 – 45

Please understand this is NOT a Boosting Service. You are paying for professional gamers to spend their time leveling up your character. We respect your money so please respect our time.

Time of Availability-We’re available 24 Hours a Day
7 Days a Week.
A 24 hour notice is Mandatory.

Our Services are private and discreet. Feel free to contact us on
Xbox Live:
Orlando Mitchell Gamertag: xBlacknIrishx

As of right now we only accept PayPal as the method of payment.
*Goods and Services Only*
NO Friends and Family Payments will be accepted.
NO fee for you. The seller pays the fee. Plus, you’re covered by PayPal Purchase Protection.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to choose us as your #1 Level Up Service Providers.