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Adept Gaming- Here to Offer you The Exotic Sword Quest

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**Package Comes With a (2) Day Completion Guarantee Per Sword**

(Solar)- Raze Lighter

(Arc)-    Bolt Caster

(Void)-  Dark Drinker

Completion of Sword Quest – Step 1: Honing the Edge

Task: Use the Sword against powerful servants of the Darkness, and test it against Guardians in the Crucible.

Quote: “A scrap of ragged steel will cut down weeds. A sword such as this demands worthier challenges.” —Lord Shaxx

Objective: Obtain 50 Major Kills. Obtain 25 Guardian Kills in the Crucible

RewardsVanguard ReputationCrucible ReputationExperience

Tips: Kill 50 Majors in the world and 25 players in Crucible with a Sword. In Crucible, without heavy ammo you sword deals 122 damage, the same as a normal melee attack. If you have no ammo, jump and hit someone and the second you land swing again. Landing cancels the recoil animation and you can get 2 quick swings off.

Step 2: Test Your Blade

Task: Speak to Lord Shaxx.

Quote: “The sword’s Light is stronger, but its Darkness lingers. too. Perhaps Lord Shaxx will know how to purify it entirely.” —Ghost

Objective: Go to The Last City, Earth.


Tips: ???

Step 3: Blade of Night

Task: Draw out and defeat Ecthar, Sword of Oryx, in the Asylum on the Dreadnaught.

Quote: “Nightstalker scouts aboard the Dreadnaught place Ecthar, Sword of Oryx, in the ship’s Asylum. We’ll need to defeat him to finish purifying your sword.” —Ghost

Objective: Go to Asylum in Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn, kill Ecthar, Sword of Oryx

RewardsVanguard ReputationCrucible ReputationExperience

Tips: Head to The Founts area in Dreadnaught Patrol. (Go through the Cabal ship and then furthest exit on the left). Drop down the first hole in the ground and circle round until you find the entrance to the middle room. Head to the back of this room and you will see 3 Warden knights with different elemental shields, weaken em. Kill all 3 Warden Knights very quickly (lower their health, then wipe them out using 1 Super). The massive door will open, allowing you through to the Asylum. Kill all the enemies until Ecthar runs at you. His shield can only be damaged by your sword. Remember to make use of the Swords Guard ability.

Step 4: Blade of Day

Task: Speak to Lord Shaxx.

Quote: “I now detect only pure Light within the sword. We’ve made scientific history, Guardian! And to think all it took was a little bit of smashing stuff!” —Ghost

Objective: Go to The Last City, Earth.

RewardsVanguard ReputationCrucible Reputation

Tips: ???

A Sword Reforged (Exotic)

A Sword Reforged
A Sword Reforged
Type Quest
Quest Type Exotic Quest
Starting NPC Lord Shaxx
Number of Steps 6
Enemy Type  ??
Boss  ??
Tier 1 Level  ??
Reward Raze-LighterDark-DrinkerBolt-Caster
Previous A Broken Will
Next  ??
Description The story of a sword and its wielder.

Step 1: Essential Elements

Task: Gather rare materials and attune your Light.

Step 1: Essential Elements

  • Obtain 10 Rare Planetary Materials
  • Obtain 500 Ability Kills

Step 2: In Good Temper

  • Speak to Lord Shaxx

Step 3: Armsday Alloys

  • Hang out until the next Armsday arrives.

Step 4: Take Up Arms

  • Chat with Lord Shaxx again.

Step 5: Sealing the Blade

You must kill the Warden of Oryx and then Alak-Hul in 30 seconds.

Step 6: A Blade Reborn

  • Speak to Lord Shaxx
  • And Voila!


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