Want to Sell Your Account?

This page is our “Sell Your Account” Page.   Have an account on a specific game that you feel is worthy of being sold? This is the place to do it.   Take a look at the details on how you can sell your account in the box to the right.

Here’s How

If you’d like to sell your account, these are the requirements.  It’ll be required that you give us the information needed to login and verify the account.  Upon us listing your account on our website as well as eBay, we’ll discuss the amount that the account should be listed for.  Our terms of selling your account is based on a 60/40 split.  You take 60%, we take 40%.  Pricing will be based on the amount of digitally owned games for full accounts. And those wanting to sale Character/Smurf Accounts will be based on the level of progress for the Characters Account.  If you have any questions or if you’re interested in selling your account, please click this link to contact us.