Adept Gaming Legally Binding Terms & Conditions for Employees & Contractors

Upon accepting these Terms & Conditions (I) The Employee/Contractor, agrees not jeopardize the clients account in way, shape, form, or fashion including but not limited to the list below. These terms and conditions are a legal binding agreement and failure to comply with these terms or conditions may result in criminal charges.  

This includes but not limited to:

  • Adept Gaming Employees making Clients Xbox/PS4 their Home, Changing clients email/password (stealing clients account).
  • Adept Gaming Employee must not access any banking information on clients account.
  • Adept Gaming Employee must not delete clients Xbox/PS4/PC Account, Characters on Game, or Gear.
  • Adept Gaming Employee may not access the Clients account after the Clients account services are completed, the employee must not access the clients account unless authorized to do so.
  • Also upon completing services for a client, the employee must delete the clients account recovery from their Xbox/PS4/PC.
  • Adept Gaming Employees may not contact the clients in which services are being rendered on. Any attempt to discuss further pricing or packages for personal gain will result in termination from Adept Gaming. (The Adept Gaming Employee doing the Account Recovery Must Appear Offline While on the Clients Account unless a request to appear online is issued by Client)
  • While services are being rendered, Adept Gaming employee must not trash talk, slander, or send messages under the clients account.

If any messages received on clients account are trash talk messages because of our outstanding performance, please message an Admin of Adept Gaming for further instructions.

Adept Gaming Employee/Contractor Expectations

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions; could result in immediate termination of employment with Adept Gaming depending on the severity of the infraction.

Adept Gaming Employees are not allowed to perform any other carries besides the client that purchased. (Example: No running the Clients account plus your friend who you promised to carry in Trials of the Nine).

Adept Gaming Employees are expected to be dependable. If you accept a package, you must complete that package unless an emergency has caused you to be unavailable to complete the package. Examples of emergencies would be hospital, sickness, death in the family etc. If for any reason you feel that you’re not able to complete a package, please contact an Adept Gaming Admin for assistance. If dependability starts to become a problem, Adept Gaming will restrict the privileges of that employee to complete packages.

Adept Gaming employees must conduct themselves in a way that does not jeopardize Adept Gaming from getting a bad review or any negative feedback.

While an Adept Gaming employee is doing a “carry mode†where the client is running with us, the employee is expected to act in a professional manner at all times.  Example: No cursing, no slandering, no yelling at the client for having to repeat a section in the game multiple times.

Adept Gaming employee’s are not allowed to bad mouth Adept Gaming in any manner. Slandering will not be tolerated.

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