Adept Gaming- Here to Offer you the Raid Lair Eater of the Worlds Prestige Mode Package
Account Recovery Only
Required Light Level 330
Requirement: Must have already beaten Normal Mode Eater of Worlds to Purchase this Listing.
Prestige raid lairs will drop weapons at 400 Power and Exotic Catalysts.
Raid armor ornaments will become unlockable.
Week 1 Restricted Weapon Load Out: (Kinetic) Pulse Rifles, (Energy) SMGs, and (Power) Grenade Launchers
Things with Prestige Mode is a bit different. Not only are the ads harder and smarter, there’s Load Out Restrictions in order to complete the prestige mode.
Each week, there’s going to be a change in weapon load outs to create a challenging affect.
With this package, we’ll complete the Prestige Version Raid for the Eater of the Worlds.
You’ll have a chance at the new optimal rewards of us doing the Raid. Raid Armor Mods, Mastermod Armor, Raid Tokens, Gear/Weapons & Engrams as well as the Hidden Exotic Engram Chest.
Power Level not quite up to par? Ask us about our leveling/boosting services.
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