This package is the Competitive Spirit Book Completion.

Upon purchasing this package you will receive Rank 11 in your Competitive Spirit Book.

Competitive Spirit rewards and Tags in Destiny

Completing milestones in the book gives you experience points which help you reach a number of ranks and their respective rewards:

Rank 2: Signet of Speed (Emblem)
Rank 3: SRL Champions’s Ornament (Ornament x3)
Rank 4: Hoarfrost (silver and blue Shader)
Rank 5: Amanda’s Tag (Gift key)
Rank 6: Good Game (Emote)
Rank 7: Xur’s Tag (Gift key)
Rank 8: EV-31 Nightbird (150 speed Sparrow)
Rank 9: Saladin’s Tag (Gift key)
Rank 10: Dawn’s Return (gold and blue Shader)
Rank 11: Star of Dawn (Emblem)

What are Tags, you may ask? These are passes that allow you to open the giant gifts in the Tower behind the Bounty board. (Completion is for all Characters on your account) Their rewards include:

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