This package is the Outbreak Prime Quest Character Rental. (Titan) (Warlock) (Hunter)

Upon purchasing this package you will receive access to any of our Quest Completed Characters. Whether you need Hunter, Warlock, or a Titan, we have the character  and skills you need to complete the remainder of the Outbreak Prime Quest. We’ll help guide you throughout this process. This package is for those who have obtained the “Channeling the Corruption” Questline which is obtained after all monitors have been activated in the Wrath of Machine Raid. We also offer a Raid Completion on Normal or Heroic which includes obtaining all 5 Monitors, but that’s under a different package of ours.

Price listed is for up to any (2) Characters

Channeling the Corruption Quest Line

Completing this quest will grant you the Outbreak Prime Pulse Rifle.

Step 1: Be the Battery 
Step 2: That Light May Bind
Step 3: Part of a Whole
Step 4: Solve the SIVA Engine
Step 5: Complete the Wrath of Machine Again 
Step 6: The Final SIVA Engine Puzzle
Step 7: Speak to Shiro-4 (Obtain Outbreak Prime) Light 390

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